Thursday, May 20, 2004

Cliches are often used in speaking and sometimes in writing. They are a type of figurative language, so they are a less direct way of making a statement. When new, they were creative and fun. However, they have become old and boring through constant use.
Here is a table with some cliches and what they mean.

clichemeaning in plain English
sent chills down my spinefelt terrified
seemed like an eternityseemed like a very long time
roll with the punchesadjust to difficulties or problems well
is a tower of strengthis a person who provides support
thin as a rail (stick)very thin
is a breezeis easy
velcroed totightly attached or bonded to
got the ball rollingbegan, got something started
moved like lightningmoved very quickly
out in left fieldnot paying attention, unaware
hot as hellextremely hot
like a chicken with its head cut offrunning around without knowing what to do
like two peas in a podvery similar
security blanketsomething that makes one feel safe
still as a statuestationary, not moving
iron out the wrinkleswork out the difficulties
right on the moneyperfect

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