Sunday, December 26, 2004

Adverbs of Frequency

There are several adverbs that tell the reader or listener how frequent an action occurs.

These are listed from 100% to 0% in frequency with always indicating 100% frequency and never indicated 0% frequency.

Adverbs of Frequency list











In constructing a sentence with these adverbs, we commonly use the adverb before the verb.

I always make a plan before I travel.

She frequently stops to adjust her backpack.

Note: There are some collocations (word partnerships) which allow the adverb to follow the verb. For example, I can write

She stops frequently to adjust her backpack.

But this does not work with the verb make or many other verbs, so the sentence

*I make always a plan before I travel.

is not a good sentence.

When we use the present perfect, the adverb is put between the have/has auxiliary and the main verb which is a past participle.

I have never seen such a mess before in my life.

He has occasionally forgotten to bring his textbook.

In writing, the adverb can be put at the beginning of the sentence for emphasis. It is not commonly done, so when it is done, it makes a strong statement.

Frequently she stops to adjust her backpack.

Never have I seen such a mess.

Notice that with the present perfect, the auxiliary verb moves in front of the noun.

To repeat, putting the adverb first is not commonly done, so use it rarely if at all. I don't think I have used it in my own writing.


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